Corn stover and fertilizer

Verbio aims to be a strong partner with regional agriculture and prefers to source our feedstock from a 50 to 75-mile radius around each production plant. We embrace working with local farmers, agricultural service providers and hauling companies to support feedstock acquisition, baling, storing and transportation logistics.

Following the production of renewable natural gas, we are left with a byproduct known as humus which is similar in appearance to peat moss or compost. Humus is highly valued as a soil amendment to replace the agronomic value of the feedstock which was harvested.

On average, one cubic yard of humus is composed as follows:

  • 750 pounds water
  • 225 pounds organics (carbon compounds, primarily lignin)
  • 10 pounds nitrogen
  • 10 pounds phosphorous
  • 4 pounds potassium
  • 3 pounds magnesium

Samples of humus may be provided to interested parties upon request. Humus has no offensive odors, incredible water holding capacity due to high concentration of lignin, and can be land applied in solid form using a typical manure spreader.

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