Empowering Iowa Farmers with Green Fuel from Corn Stover: VERBIO to debut at the 2022 Farm Progress Show

Meet America`s new player in the bioenergy and agriculture industry at the Farm Progress Show.

Nevada/Boone, IA (August 25, 2022): Meet America`s new player in the bioenergy and agriculture industry in booth #313: Verbio North America is showcasing its innovative competencies in creating renewable fuel and bio-fertilizer from corn stover at this year`s Farm Progress Show, August 30 – September 1, 2022, in Boone, Iowa. The trade show is the largest outdoor farming event in North America with over 600 exhibitors and approximately 150,000 visitors every year. Attendees will be able to view Verbio`s brand new semi truck and trailer - one in a fleet of new equipment. Additionally, Verbio will display its corn stover bales, as well as the stover humus product which is used as a high-quality soil conditioner for the farmer. The company will also feature samples of its NPK and other fertilizer bi-products from its ethanol production.

Climate-neutral biofuels from corn stover
The Verbio Nevada plant has been producing renewable natural gas (RNG) from corn stover on an industrial scale since December 2021. The facility is on track to achieve full scale production of 7 million ethanol gallons equivalent (EGE) of RNG annually. Starting mid-2023, the site will begin operating as a biorefinery, producing 19 million EGE of RNG and 60 million gallons of corn-based ethanol, annually. The integration of RNG and ethanol production, unique to VERBIO, incorporates advanced operational technology to build on the company’s successful experiences in Europe.

“We look forward to introducing our game changing technology for producing climate-neutral biomethane from surplus corn stover at Farm Progress,” states Claus Sauter, Chief Executive Officer of VERBIO AG, the Germany based parent company. “As a fast-growing global company and one of Europe`s leading manufacturers of biofuels and bioenergy, Verbio has developed, installed and scaled up a unique technology to produce sustainable fuel from agricultural residues. It is time to bring this proven German solution to success in North America. The state of Iowa offers an enormous raw material potential – a win-win for Iowa`s agriculture industry and for us.”

New business opportunities for American farmers
With its innovative technology and sustainable production cycle, a proven process that has been running successfully for almost 10 years in Europe, Verbio offers benefits to farmers in several ways. As primary feedstock to produce RNG, the company procures up to 100,000 tons of unused corn stover locally. This mitigates the emission of greenhouse gases, resulting from the degradation of the ag residues on the fields. Verbio produces a high-quality humus created at the end of the production chain.

“Corn stover to renewable natural gas is completely unique,” says Ron DeJongh, President of Verbio Agriculture. “Verbio Nevada will be the largest plant in the country to utilize this technology. This opens up an entire new area of opportunity to the Iowa farmer, as well as a renewable solution to move away from fossil fuels. Exhibiting at Farm Progress helps develop our partnership with local farmers while also introducing Verbio technology to American agriculture.”

Clear vision: Greater sustainability for transport and agriculture
Verbio`s ability to convert all raw and residual materials provided by regional growers into sustainable renewable energy sources gives farmers a chance to contribute significantly to climate protection: They reduce CO² and methane emissions by removing ag residues from their fields; and vehicles fueled with RNG achieve CO² savings of up to 90 percent compared to standard gasoline or diesel. Thus, the Verbio technology has considerable potential, especially for decarbonizing the long-distance truck transport business in the US.

In addition to its first large-scale commercial plant in the United States, Verbio has many more plans. The company strategy includes the installation of another 5-10 biorefineries over the next five years in North America.

Visitors to the Verbio booth #313 are welcome to get a closer insight into the Verbio technology, as well as the company`s growth path worldwide. They won`t be disappointed: With a sign-up, farmers will not only receive information for services in baling, hauling and storing of their stover, but can also look forward to a chance to win a Blackstone 4 Burner Liquid Propane Outdoor Griddle, a grill that will make any barbecue a success.

For more information: https://fps22.mapyourshow.com/8_0/exhibitor/exhibitor-details.cfm?exhid=103578

For more information regarding the sale of stover and the purchase of soil conditioners and fertilizers: please reach out to our sale agronomy team at Nevada.Stover@verbio.us

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