Greg Northrup

President - Verbio NA Holdings Corp

Greg leads Verbio NA Holdings and is responsible for public and governmental affairs, lobbying, legal affairs and corporate governance. Greg has more than 35 years of domestic and international energy development experience gained as a former executive of CMS Energy/Consumers Energy. He also has a strong background in public policy having served as president of the West Michigan Strategic Alliance, a regional organization. Greg joined Verbio in 2018 after seven years as President of Sustainable Partners, a consulting firm he founded to help major energy users and organic waste producers lower their total costs by developing and financing anaerobic digestion and combined heat and power energy projects. Greg holds a BA degree (economics) from Albion College.

Andrea Valerio

President & CEO - Verbio North America

Andrea leads Verbio North America with 25 years of experience in the oil and energy industries. Andrea joined Verbio in 2021 from Castleton Commodities International, where he most recently served as Executive Director for origination and trading. Prior to that, he has held executive leadership positions with Mercuria Energy Trading, Noble Group and Eni Group, both in the USA and Europe. He has extensive experience in management and trading of biofuels, ethers, automotive fuels, and also in supply, refining and complex distribution systems. Now as President & CEO of Verbio North America, Andrea provides strategic direction and leads the commercial and trading operations. Andrea holds a BS degree (Industrial Engineering) from the Polytechnic University of Milan.

Rand Dueweke

Executive Vice President - Verbio North America

Rand serves as Executive Vice President for Verbio North America and is responsible for business development, environmental credits and markets, compliance with domestic and international renewable and low carbon fuels programs, sustainability certifications, quality management and internal audit, information technology, research and special projects. Rand joined Verbio in 2018 after six years in progressive roles with consulting firm Sustainable Partners, working to develop and finance anaerobic digestion and combined heat and power energy projects and provide related technical advisory services. Rand’s academic background includes a BA (chemistry) from Kalamazoo College and MS (cell and molecular biology) and MBA degrees from Grand Valley State University.

Carlos Mayer

Managing Director Synthetic Fuels - Verbio North America

Carlos leads the new Synthetic Fuels division of Verbio North America with a well-rounded entrepreneurial spirit and vast experience as developer, installer, and asset manager of wind, solar, and biogas projects. Carlos joined VERBIO in 2022 with over 35 years of experience in public accounting, financial and business management, business and project development, including the last 22 years focusing on renewable energy in Germany and the United States. Carlos is focused on developing renewable electricity and green hydrogen assets to support Verbio's ambitions for low carbon synthetic fuels and chemicals. Carlos earned a MBA degree from the University of Saarbruecken, Germany, and has previous experience working with Deloitte as Certified Public Accountant in Germany and the USA.

Yannis Tzamouranis

Chief Risk Officer - VERBIO North America

Yannis serves as Chief Risk Officer for VERBIO North America and is responsible for internal and external risk mitigation, position management, quantitative research, and oversight of operations, logistics and contract execution. Yannis joined VERBIO in 2021 after 25 years in progressive roles at major global commodity companies including Noble Group, Louis Dreyfus, Traxys, and Constellation Commodities. He has extensive experience across the breadth of the physical and financial commodity business, including energy, agricultural, hard commodities, and marine chartering. Yannis’ educational background includes a BS (physics) from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and MS and PhD degrees (nuclear and high energy physics) from the University of Houston.

Greg Faith

President - Verbio Nevada Biorefinery

Greg leads Verbio's ethanol and renewable natural gas biorefinery in Nevada, Iowa, and is responsible for managing plant costs, reliability, quality and maintenance. Greg is an accomplished chemical engineer with 25 years of experience in agricultural processes in the areas of operations leadership, process engineering, project management, and product development. Greg joined Verbio in 2019 and has extensive background providing leadership and technical direction to teams in development and optimization of production plants, including startup activities. He enjoys being part of a team and thrives in challenging work environments. Greg's academic background includes a BS (chemical engineering) from Iowa State University and an MBA from Bellevue University.

Chuck Tuskan

President - Verbio South Bend

Chuck leads Verbio's ethanol plant in South Bend, Indiana, and is responsible for managing plant costs, reliability, quality and maintenance. Chuck is an accomplished chemical engineer and plant manager with 35 years of experience in chemical processes in the areas of operations leadership, process engineering, and project management. Chuck joined Verbio in 2023 and has extensive background leading continuous improvement and change initiatives driving safe, efficient, and reliable operations while challenging complexity and status quo. He excels at building cross-functional coalitions and energizes the workplace utilizing team building, organizational, and motivational skills. Chuck holds a BS degree (Chemical Engineering) from the University of Notre Dame.

Lee Whitley

President - Verbio Diesel Canada

Lee leads Verbio’s biodiesel plant in Welland, Ontario, and is responsible for the overall managerial operations including health and safety, fiscal responsibility, operations, quality and reliability. Lee is a seasoned plant manager with over 25 years experience working for a food ingredients refinery, including a decade in plant management positions. Lee joined Verbio in 2019 and has an extensive background in continuous improvement which has lead to lowered operational costs, optimized production and debottlncked operations. Lee promotes environmental stewardship and encourages solid community relations within the regions he has managed. Lee’s academic background includes an Honors Diploma (business) among several Operational Leadership Programs.